God's Love, in us, to the world

Love Week Recap

People Served

Hours Volunteered

Dollars Donated

Door to door canvassing for the Canadian Cancer Society.

You know how people say be careful what you pray for…well…during my prayer today, I was feeling overwhelmed. I know I am supposed to be a light but lately my light has been kind of dim. And all these people I am supposed to “guide” and show Jesus to seemed to be casting a shadow on my little dim light. So I prayed. And during my devotional time with one of the youth, she asked me to help her find Jesus…so you know…be careful…prayer is powerful!!

PRYME Student Ministries used their game/worship time to go out, pick up garbage and clean up the grounds at Bernice McNaughton High School as an act of love to our community. Our students were excited to help, and were amazing at showing Christ’s love for our city. We collected over 20 bags of garbage within 1 hour just from the school grounds! Students and staff from the school commented on how appreciated it was, and we made a huge impact on them! God is so good!

We spent an hour cleaning up the grounds of BMHS high school as an act of worship during PRYME youth group on Wednesday April 25th.

I took an alcoholic senior whom nobody wants to deal with to get her groceries, medication and pay her bills. Then I took out to dinner.

Volunteered at the Lions club 6 hours Friday night canteen
Autism walk 2 hours Saturday morning , gave children rides in little fire truck

Eight to ten adult/mature church volunteers visit between 35-40 Church Shut-Ins ( Joel Ministry ) who reside at home or in Care Homes. Each Shut-Ins receive monthly visits but some are visited more frequently. Each personal visit is about one hour but some are also called by phone more frequently.

Clean up my neighbourhood – I started on my street and walked towards the children’s park on Sumner/Snow Avenue. I took two grocery bags and filled them both, but God graciously provided another on the ground so I was able to fill another. I think this little park will be my project as it is in constant use and I am sure there will be plenty to clean. Interesting note: I had read about plastic straws being such a problem and I have to agree. I must have picked up at least 20, but I didn’t really count.

Volunteering at an event for kids with Scouts Canada

The two of us were part of a larger group serving at Campbell Auto working on cars for widows and single moms.

The LMC team organized the Serve opportunities, sold t-shirts and organized people into serve opportunities all PM. A great team!

Noel, Grace, & Marc went around the neighbourhood picking up garbage (got 1 full bag), and prayed while doing it.

Served at Peter McKee Community Food Centre

Delivering food to the less fortunate

“This is not about me serving per say, but thought Id share this here since its for the same cause 🙂
I passed along one of those Moncton Wesleyan cards and wrote “”Because love changes everything”” on the back . Was at the McDonald drive through and paid for the order of the car behind me, asking the cashier to pass along the card 🙂 ”

Serve drinks.

I drove an acquaintance with mobility issues, to a group meeting then drove her to the bank and to shopping.

Five members of our French small group went to Residence Bellevue on Monday evening from 7-9pm. We had a wonderful time visiting with residents and made new friends. We promised that we would return and pray for them in our small group. We did not feel comfortable taking photos at this time but will in the future when we do special activities with them and outings. Our hearts are full! ❤️

two people served clients, and two people prepared produce

clean offices wash windows clean the stairs and got a tour of the house the Nazareth

We did some spring cleaning of the House of Nazareth drop in center/shelter.

“Every week, I visit 2 people at the Shannex Nursing Homes on Morton Ave. I sit and talk to others that are there also. I take them to music in their building and also share lunch. Prayer before I leave if person wants to. I also visit every week the patients at the City Hospital and or Georges Dumont, ministry with Pastor David Way.”

Committee- last days before Serve Time


We did some inside spring cleaning at Youth Quest Central!



Made a love kit for a family with a seriously ill member.



I made a sympathy card for the Wawanesa friends and co-workers of Nola. I enclosed 14 copies of a personalized sympathy poem and included my phone # if they needed more. I also prepared 2 containers of fudge for them.



Because love, we helped a senior move!



Heather and I went to Spencers and took 4 residents out for a walk in the fresh air. And what a glorious day the Lord gave us to love our city ❤️



Stacked food from pallets on floor to shelves & handed out food in a particular section of the store



Put price tags on books and put books on the bookshelf and got a tour around mission thrift store



Mary-Lynn opened with a solo, then Brenda handed out the songbooks for the Trena and James to do a Sing-a-long with the residents. Trena sang a solo, and Amy finished the program with a few selections. Stephanie thanked everyone while Brenda collected the books and chatted with the residents.



Sang for seniors!



We prepared food at the Peter McKee Community Food Centre for people to receive.



We served food to homeless and vulnerable people and befriended them. We also made some really cool connections with Reconnect for future ministry.



Today Caleb and I delivered our first batch of chocolate chip cookies to the Brandon St Fire Station. The fire fighters were very grateful for the treat, Caleb was very excited to make such a special delivery but was a little shy in the presence of our neighbourhood heros! We can’t wait to make the rest of our deliveries 🙂



Sort items, organize, price tags, etc. Loved it!



Spent this morning serving at Ray of Hope Soup Kitchen as part of Love My City outreach. What a wonderful and needed organization in our community! Not only do they serve delicious noontime meals on site to the people of Moncton who need them, they also send those same people home with takeout meals to save for later or to feed family members if they so desire. The volunteers are so welcoming and many have been showing love through their service there for years, however, they did say that they can always use more hands. They even blessed me with one of their delicious meals I helped prepare. I plan to be back someday to volunteer. Donations are another way to contribute to this worthwhile cause in our community. Show some love to the people in Moncton, because love changes everything! ❤#mwlovemycity



We prepared a home cooked meal and dessert at the Ronald McDonald House for families who have a child in the hospital. We also donated the leftover supplies from the meal that we didn’t use so that they could use it another time.



Helped a single mom move from a women’s shelter to low income housing.



Took donuts and muffins to the Firestation at 99 Hildegard Drive. Firefighters were surprised and grateful. It was rewarding to extended our appreciation and love to them for their service to the community!!



played games with people at Harvest House – great evening!



Filled a huge dumpster with construction debris and emptied a garage of accumulated junk so they could use it again. Throwing heavy stuff is fun!



Had a good talk with the firemen told them about love my city and that they re appreciated by us.



Filled a dumpster of debris for Harvest House.


Went to leadership training and then over to Harvest House for games night.

Apartment cleaning for a single mom!

We wrote notes of prayer and thanks to community leaders, mayors, service people, school principals and more!

Interacted with folks staying at Harvest House , played board games with them. They were teaching me how to play crib and we learned a lot about each other, shared personal stories and had a prayer over them. It was rich.

This was an orientation for potential long term volunteers to build community by facilitating reintegration through the reconciliation of ex-offenders with themselves and their community with compassion and by using evidence-based practices.

We did leadership training with Pastor B!

I took home made cookies and Tim Hortons coffee to Aids Moncton Inc. The staff there were so excited and thrilled that someone would do that for them. They took pictures and kept thanking me. I came away feeling more blessed than I am sure they were.

Assisted in cooking, washing dishes and serving food!

Sort clothes and helping getting the store ready for business hours.

I played for weekly Sunday Night hymn sing at Church Court.

Help at the Peter McKee Food Depot Took bar codes off bananas and helped serve people as they collected groceries.

Cleaned the Second Mile foodbank

I baked banana bread and my kids and I delivered it to some seniors in our neighbourhood.

Picked up trash along the beautiful Riverview Riverfront Trail.

I helped Sensei Jason Steeves with his women’s self defence class!

I worked at the Mission Thrift Store from 9-12 and 1-3 on May 4th. Stocked shelves, tidied up store, chatted with customers.

Played games and chatted with people at the Harvest House shelter!

Today May 5th my friend Christine Saulnier and I served breakfast at Harvest House. Preparing eggs english muffins yogurt and bananas for our guests.

We picked up garbage around the sidewalk and road on High street, picked up glass and can lids so the puppies and children will be safe, filled 6 bags full of garbage!

Painted at the Dieppe Boys & Girls club!

We decided to make fruit salad and cookies for the Firefighters at Hildegard Fire Station (everyone helped except Aimee who was working). The firefighters were happy to get it and even let the girls sit on the fire truck for a picture. The girls also gave them a thank you card.

I wrote thank you notes at the church and worked at the Mission Thrift Store rearranging the merchandise. I enjoyed both very much!!

Moved 4 truck loads and 2 trailer loads of old furniture to the dump for those we were helping

4 of us Helped tidy up store and 4 were in the back sorting given items and getting them ready to be sold at Mission Thrift Store

I’m helping about 12 students in grade 1 immersion in difficulty with their reading at Northrop Frye School! 🙂

Delivered treats and coffee. Also gave card for thanks for all they do for our city everyday!

We walked around the neighbourhood picking up garbage. We didn’t get as far as we planned before our bags were too full to continue. The kids got right into it! We’ll have to do it again sometime.

Wednesday we wrote thank you letters Saturday we painted at Headstart from 9-12 Sunday we painted again at Headstart from 1:15- 5:00 It felt great to be able to help !

Our group met at the Naomi and Ruth wellness center Saturday may 5 with 5 trucks and 2 trailers to do a major yard clean up of beds and furniture which was trucked to Moncton landfill.

Team: Marion Murray, Candice Reever, Ken Murray, Roy Cusack, Byron Pulsifer, Cathy Pulsifer. We all have been volunteering at the Second Mile Food Bank for a few years. We help clients and offer an encouraging word as they are faced with challenging times in their life.

Clean up of Sumner park on Sumner Ave and Snow Ave.

Took an acquaintance shopping for groceries.

They took myself and my grandson Ryan for a tour. My wife made them home made salsa with nacho chips. Also brought fudge.

Walked seniors at Spencer Longer Term Care Facility

We made cookies and coloured pictures for Sadie to pass out to seniors in a seniors home visit!

Cleaned up garbage on Bulman starting at corner of Rockmaple down to the park entrance. Sure looked better when we finished!!!

We baked sweets for the hospital. They have been particularly stressed lately due to staff shortages and cut backs. We delivered sweets to the Ronald MacDonald room, the Doctors lounge, to the new pastor of care, the emergency room, the pastoral care unit etc. Everyone contributed so there was lots of food to pass around.

Called clients to invite them to a Flag Rising Ceremony to celebrate the 100th Birthday of CNIB and May is Vision Health Month, on Wednesday, May 16/18 at 12 Noon at Moncton City Hall, coffee & refreshments will be provided. Great to talk with the clients.

We loved sharing dog treats with our neighbourhood dogs as they walked by on our street and cleaning our neighbourhood up together! People were so gracious and we loved sharing love!

I helped pack up household items to be taken to Barbara Elias’ house for her on line auction. All proceeds from this auction go to the Humanity Project. She has raised about $12,000.00 in a little over a year. We also packed up clothing and this was taken to the Lions on Mark Ave for the What Kids Need project.

Painted items such as bookshelves in the game room at the Dieppe Boys & Girls Club

Botsford Fire Department. We brought squares and a thank you note!

Shared a meal with a senior no longer able to attend church, visited and played a game with her.

Vicki I helped prepare supper and she remained to serve and play games.

Moved 2000 lbs of non perishable products from storage facility, loaded into truck and delivered to the Second Mile Foodbank for later distribution to clients.

My 4 year old son Ace and my 1 year old daughter visited the Riverview Fire Department and the Riverview RCMP Detachment to say thank you and brought some treats. My son was thrilled and so proud. When we arrived he said ‘thank you for being police officers/firefighters’ and handed them their treats. They seemed very appreciative and spent at least half an hour talking to my son and showing him their trucks and equipment and introducing him to some of the members. He went home with plenty of swag too which he wasn’t excited about. And they were happy to give him badges, hats, stickers, etc. My son was so proud, and he learned how good to feels to serve others and how important it is to take some time to say thank you to people for what they do.

Organized and led games for a group of residents at Parkland nursing home.

We cooked and served brunch to the men at teen challenge and had a wonderful tour of the facility.

We cooked and served brunch to the men at teen challenge and had a wonderful tour of the facility.

Our family volunteered at ONE confernece together by manning inflatables and acting as greeters/ushers! With 3000 or so teens around, there were so many opportunities to “spread the love!”! We loved it! Best family time ever!!!! And Faith, our almost three yet old, was pumped to wear her own volunteer t-shirt! Awesome!

Revamped school playground at Ecole St. Henri

We each did a manicure for the elderly women living at the castel des flots bleus retirement home in Cap-Pele. We wanted to treat them for a Mother’s Day gift.

Thank you for loving our city!